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George Lambetsos
Published by: George Lambetsos on 06-Mar-19


The System is the secret!

Several things about Worldprofit appealed to me right away.

  • A. There was a free membership, not a free trial. Worldprofit does not kick you out after a week or a month if you don't upgrade. You can remain a free member for as long as you like.
  • B. There is training available - limited for free members but there is also an extensive "Internet Marketing Bootcamp" available to Silver Dealers (upgraded members).
  • C. They also had products to sell that were one-off purchases - no need for a subscription - just buy traffic if you want, when you want.
  • D. They have a "Live Business Center" - live monitors are available to answer your questions, help you find things and explain the benefits of the Worldprofit systems, tools, traffic and resources. Of course they are also doing this for your referrals which means they are closing sales for you.
  • Aside from the money there is the fact that Worldprofit provides every essential need for building a business online so, why would I ever think about leaving or going somewhere else.
  • Anyone who truly desires to build a business online should give Worldprofit your most serious consideration. Even if you are skeptical, you can join as a free member and get a feel for what Worldprofit can do for you. At the very least, be an honest skeptic. What do I mean by that? Take the time to investigate. Don't rely on opinions or personal feelings. Get to know the Live Monitors. They are a tremendous resource. Contact your sponsor. Find out what is working for them. See if they will partner with you or mentor you in some way - your sponsor has a vested interest in your success. Contact Worldprofit's support team. They are extremely resourceful, caring and patient.

    Allow yourself to learn and grow. As with anything new you do in life, there is a learning curve. There will be obstacles, mistakes and disappointments along the way. Sometimes you will even have to realize that your initial expectations were not realistic - don't buy into the hype everyone else is selling.

    Another important piece of advice is to not allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Worldprofit was designed to give you everything you need to build a business online. Nothing is left out - nothing else is needed. However, that does not mean that you have to get everything set up in a day or two. As a matter of fact, I will tell you right now, you can't do it in a day or two. Trust the process, take it one step at a time. When you look back six months later you will be amazed at how far you've come.


  • In closing I would once again encourage people to take Worldprofit seriously. Not to over-simplify things but, to be successful you need to:

  • A. Build Traffic, to....
  • B. Generate Leads, which ultimately leads to...
  • C. Making Sales!
  • George Lambetsos
  • webmaster @moneymarshal